A message from Richard Winter, President of Garden View Care Center

It’s fun living at a Garden View Center!

Think about it. That is a very remarkable statement for a nursing home to make. It is true, and it has been true since 1988. Garden View Care Centers deliver quality care and a great lifestyle. The two—care and lifestyle—go hand in hand everyday at Garden View Care Centers.

While there is no doubt that our residents face challenges—Alzheimer’s and dementia, recovery from diseases or accidents, and the normal physical and mental losses of age—our residents’ lives and the time they and their family members spend at Garden View Care Centers is upbeat, stimulating and yes… fun!

How do we help? It begins with care. All of our staff members get to know our residents personally. Our staff members—from administrators to maintenance personnel—attend and complete courses in the care of Alzheimer’s disease and receive certification. We know and understand the challenges of our residents, and we are ready to share our knowledge and expertise with anyone or any family that needs our help. Just call on us.

What makes the real difference is the care we provide and the fun we have. That is what you have to experience!

I invite you to come take a tour of any one of our locations today. Then you’ll see the real difference Garden View offers to your loved ones and to your family.

Richard Winter

The Philosophy of Garden View Care Center is simple, to provide our residents with the best possible care.