Garden View's Hospice Program provides end-of-live care for the terminally ill.

Chesterfield Hospice Care

Hospice care is for those with a terminal illness whose life expectancy is six months or less. The focus of hospice care is to manage pain and symptom relief in the final months of life. When these aspects of a terminal illness are dealt with proactively, a person’s quality of life greatly improves, and he or she can better enjoy those last months with friends and family.

At Garden View Care Center of Chesterfield we provide comfortable accommodations for anyone requiring hospice care away from home. We contract with some of the finest hospice providers in St. Louis County to deliver exceptional hospice care for our residents. The hospice care providers are experts at managing pain relief, and they supply all the equipment and support services needed.

Below are some links to informational websites about hospice that may be helpful:

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