St. Louis Memory Care and Dementia Care services at Garden View Care Center.

Memory Care in St. Louis County

A large number of diseases such as Alzheimer's affect a person’s ability to remember, learn and communicate. Many of these mind-impairing illnesses become progressively worse with time. In the early stages, an afflicted person may be able to live independently, but as the disease advances, the memory deteriorates and the ability to perform daily tasks dwindles.

Garden View Care Center at Dougherty Ferry offers one of the more comprehensive Alzheimer’s and memory care programs in St. Louis County. We provide our residents with more than just a secure building. We have a separate wing devoted specifically to those who require memory care, and we are fully certified through the Alzheimer’s Association of St. Louis to train people who care for Alzheimer’s patients.

Our activity based memory care program runs seven days a week and helps residents stay healthy and happy. Research has shown that regular, engaging activity slows the mental decline of those with dementia. Each day our residents take part in a number of activities such as music, dance and arts and crafts. They also enjoy day trips to various metro area attractions.

If you have a loved one showing the signs of memory loss, call for a tour or request an in-home evaluation to determine the proper level of care needed.

Garden View Care Center at Dougherty Ferry
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